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Fanblog for the lovely Harries twins, Jack and Finn. I will be posting the gifs and edits I make here. I update as frequently as I can. Sideblog so I cant follow anyone back. Enjoy! -------------{semi-hiatus. very semi}
Anonymous asked: Do you know what video jack harries is asking for animal fries at in n' out?

I’m sorry this will be a dreadfully lazy reply but I won’t be able to search for the video for you without going on a tangent these days but I believe the video was posted by Louis on FunforLouis and I think it’s called “Jacks Stack,” something like that
If it isn’t it should be any of the vlogs he’s posted, numbered from 7x-9x, Jack will be in the preview thumbnail
Again I’m sorry for being so incompetent!!!!!

Anonymous asked: I thought finn was going with jo dunbar (i think that was her name) ?

Nope! Pretty sure thats his ex 

Anonymous asked: Who is Finn's girlfriend? ( please tell me he doesn't have one) 😉

Emma Bates (sorry dude) 

Anonymous asked: Just one, I'm a few, no family too. Who am I?

I’m you

Jack Harries in Amsterdam, photographed by Ella Denton (2014)

Hey y’all, its Yasara and i haven’t logged on to this account in over a month and feel SO BAD ABOUT IT but basically 

I’ve just started art school and was busy before that which means this school is gonna drain every second I’m not already doing something and so i just wanna say that at least for now I’m not going to be making or posting anything which I’m sad about but theres nothing i can do about it 

my co-owner is still here and so he can obviously post whatever he wants but for the next few months at least i know I’m going to be posting little to nothing :( I’m sorry and hope you can forgive me n will miss u 

Jack Harries photographed by Ella Denton (2014)
Jack Harries in Amsterdam, photographed by Ella Denton (2014)
Jack Harries in Amsterdam, photographed by Ella Denton (2014)
Jack Harries photographed by Ella Denton (2014)