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Fanblog for the lovely Harries twins, Jack and Finn. I will be posting the gifs and edits I make here. I update as frequently as I can. Sideblog so I cant follow anyone back. Enjoy! -------------{semi-hiatus. very semi}
Anonymous asked: Do you know why the boys haven't been very active recently?

I know they’d doing a lot of traveling and having meetings and doing other things than making videos at the moment so it’s not like they’ve just stopped, they’ve just been doing other things (just like I haven’t made any gifs since their last video due to multiple jobs, school, and a broken computer ha ha ha 😭)

Anonymous asked: Where is this gif-set of Finn at a coffeeshop from? Thanks :)xx


(if you went to the blog and looked back a couple pages to when the gif was posted the link was there :p)